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Residential Painting Company in Vancouver

Progressive Painters

Your home is your sanctuary. Our team of professionals will provide you with a good paint job and will be as friendly and unobtrusive as possible throughout the process. We will uncover and pay attention to your unique needs throughout the job until you are happy with the result.

  • Interior Residential

    Interior Residential

    Progressive Painters can assist you in all aspects of your interior paint job from choosing colours to planning a room work schedule to make the job as fluid as possible.

    We believe that thorough preparation is the defining factor of our company ie. pre-paint masking of floors and covering of furniture, sanding and cleaning of walls & trim, crack filling, sanding, patching and caulking.

  • Exterior Residential

    Exterior Residential

    Nothing enhances the curb appeal of your Vancouver home like a new paint job. Proper preparation and painting of your exterior is the best way to increase your home's value and maintain your investment.

    Selecting and using beautiful exterior colors allows you to express your personal style and fit in with your neighborhood

  • Apartments / Condos

    Apartments / Condos

    The fastest way to flip a condo is to paint it. If you aren't selling we have the capacity to be in and out quickly so as to minimally disrupt your living space.

  • Multi-unit Residential

    Multi-unit Residential

    We are skilled at painting common hallways, including walls, ceilings, common & unit doors and baseboards. These jobs require effective coordination with owners, especially with unit doors. Our noticing system ensures an effective process and results.

  • Specialty Spraying

    Specialty Spraying

    Before spraying indoors we roll out paper to cover all floors and then furniture is wrapped. We specialize in spraying textured ceilings, louvered doors, baseboards & crown mouldings and also spindled railings.

  • Interior House Painting

    Wall & Ceiling Painting

    We always sand the walls in between coats to ensure a smooth finish.

  • Painting wood & trim

    Painting Wood & Trim

    New wood must be primed with oil primer to ensure adhesion and pressure treated wood must not be painted for 1 year if it is to succeed. We always take the right steps to ensure a durable paint job.