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Related Services

  • Pressure washing

    Pressure Washing

    Vancouver's weather also causes mildew to grow, especially on wood surfaces. We pressure wash all surfaces before beginning any exterior paint job. We are also interested in pressure washing contracts exclusive of painting.

  • Wood Repairing

    Wood Repair

    Vancouver's wet weather causes wood to rot. We have a team of carpenters fully capable of replacing rotting fascia boards, decks, windows, etc. We are also interested in handling any renovation needs that you may have.

  • Dry Walling

    Dry Walling

    Painting contracts often include some form of drywall patching, touch-ups or repairs. Our experts are also trained to handle widespread drywall damage, so don't worry about large cracks and expansive water damage. We will let you know about any inconsistencies with your drywall, and provide drywall repairs when needed.

  • Faux Finishing

    Faux Finishing

    Scope of faux-finishing services includes decorative plasters, glazed finishes, aged surfaces, gliding, Stenciling, wallpaper, and molding.