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Commercial Painting Company in Vancouver

Progressive Painters

Progressive Painters handles commercial & industrial painting projects across Metro Vancouver. We are sensitive to the varying logistical needs that such projects present, including, but not limited to: night hours, especially for office environments, special security requirements, parking, etc.
Below is a list of some of the commercial services we provide:

* Commercial contracts will be done through Wolfgang Commercial Painters.

  • Commercial Painting

    Offices / Medical Offices

    One good way to minimize disruption to an office is to paint it over a weekend and on evenings. If it is a large office, we will finish two or three private offices at a time (each evening) so that employees can get back to work with minimal disruption to their work environment.

  • Warehouse Painting / Spraying

    Warehouse Painting / Spraying

    We will work long hours on warehouses with a large employee capacity to minimize disruption to the employees who work and park their cars there. We will notice the front office before beginning on a side so that people are aware of what we are doing on a day-to-day basis. Smooth concrete is generally sprayed and back rolled to inhibit flashing.

  • Parkade Spraying

    Parkade Spraying

    No amount of lights will brighten up a parkade like a fresh coat of white paint! Also, people feel safer walking through painted parkades. We employ proven systems to keep the parkade making money while we work around parkade hours, level by level.

  • Parking Lines

    Parking Lines

    Faded parking lines, handicap signs & curbs can become a safety issue if not kept freshly painted with safety yellow paint. We have a team to do such jobs.

  • Hotels / Motels

    Hotels / Motels

    Whether its all of the rooms through the winter or the entire exterior, our team of professionals will get the job done while being sensitive to the needs of hotel management, and therefore, the needs of guests.